Monday, March 21, 2011

Run of The Mill Plus: Momma Barnes Update

Well, it's been over a month since my last post on this blog. I would feel the need to apologize to readers if I felt that anyone's life had been less fulfilling in my blogging absence. Therefore, I will not apologize. I will assure you, though, that this blog is not dead, it's merely been in a month long coma.


Usually when you hear or see this word, it is referring to multimedia experiences. The conversation about how movies, tv, video games and music desensitize consumers has been beaten like a dead horse. I find the truth is that these stimuli in our lives are not to blame for our desensitization. We do fine on our own. We've been getting bored and disinterested since the beginning of time. Think about it, what happens in the story of Genesis? Adam and Even are given all of creation and each other to reign over and enjoy. With an unlimited amount of exploration to do and fun to have, what happens? They get bored and crave more, venturing into and taking from the one part of creation which is forbidden. Let's stop blaming Ke$ha, 50 Cent and Quentin Tarantino (Btdubz, are any of these people still cool? I have no idea, I'm less than two years away from thirty). The fact that we fail to enjoy the human experience in it's entirety and continually get restless was an issue way before the advent of hip hop and Xbox.

The reason that I bring this up is because of how this tendency has affected my life and this blog. Everything is still awesome right now. I have an incredible job, awesome friends and I am growing daily. But, I am kind of used to that now. Events that I would have once perceived as miracles now qualify as "the norm." There are still a couple things that rock my face off, but everything else kind of flies under the radar. Whereas I used to be constantly blown away by everything that was going on in my life, I can now look at amazing happenings and accept them rather easily, without awe.

This blog, just as so many journals and personal accounts like it, is a sort of outlet for a person who has been overflowing with emotion and personal experience. As I have gotten used to everything that is going around me, some of that overflowing has ceased. I have learned a lot about dealing with this sort of sentiment from my job. Constantly traveling and working with so many different people is extremely fulfilling and exciting, but it is also draining. As the days become harder and longer, I have to look to different, new places for motivation at times. In addition, I have to figure out new ways to do things to maintain and increase my excitement and motivation. I think this is what I will find myself doing with this blog as time goes on. While the changes may not be obvious to readers, I am going to try to reevaluate the way, the amount and the frequency with which I write, hopefully providing a better, more consistent product.

In short, the blog is back and despite some of the usual challenges, my life is pretty much awesome right now. I have a couple of pretty decent posts in my head right now, one of which I'm extremely excited about. It was actually a friend's idea and may turn out to be the best post ever here. I've also got a few really cool things going on in my life that could be a lot of fun to share as time goes on. If you've stuck around this long, thanks. I can't wait to continue down this road with you.



*Momma Barnes Update*

About ten weeks ago, my mother started a weekly regimen of chemotherapy and a monoclonal antibody. The goal of these treatments was to reduce the size of some of her swollen lymph nodes and get her system ready for a bone marrow transplant. At the time this regimen was prescribed, everyone expected it to be successful and the anticipated date for her bone marrow transplant was estimated to be mid April. Unfortunately, her body has not responded the way the doctors hoped. Her lymph nodes remain more swollen than is optimal for a transplant. To help combat this issue, she was admitted to Johns Hopkins for a five day slow drip chemo treatment. The date of her transplant is now fairly unpredictable. Mom is used to outpatient procedures, rather than being in the hospital 24/7, and has had a tube installed for her treatments, so she's going through some stuff she is not used to. Please pray that she will keep her positive attitude and faith through these changes.

This slightly longer term treatment has prompted our family to recognize a need to start organizing friends and family for the help that we will need in the future. After receiving some good advice, we have decided to utilize as a hub for all the activity concerning Mom. This is a host site that allows family to set up calendars with events and needs, updates and blog posts, among a number of other useful tools. The group we have started is called "Grace is Everywhere" and may be accessed at the following web address:

Right now, we have not done much apart from establish the group, but as time goes on, this will be the place to find out anything Momma Barnes related. Please visit the web address, input your email address and we will approve your membership. We appreciate everyone that is not only willing to contribute, but is also interested in Mom's story. Thanks.