Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Still Live In California

Most of the time, living here is like living in any other place (except much, much better). Every now and then, something happens that clearly reminds me of where I am. Sometimes it's a trip to the beach or the mountains. Other times, it's some ridiculous "bro" who insists on constantly telling all the "dudes" around how "rad," "epic," and "life changing" things like beer, music and surfing can be. I encountered one such guy at a local beer and wine store. I saw the following sign as I entered the restroom.

(Seriously, bro, it would be a total bummer if you got this paint on you.)

The guy who checked me out wore a bandana and insisted that the beer I was purchasing would change my life. I know in my heart this sign was his work and he was most likely very proud of it.